Natural Building Workshops

Natural Building Workshops

Robert Laporte, founder of Econest, and Nahuel Foronda, will teach two natural building workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and give a free introductory lecture at the building site.

The Project

During these workshops, we will build a floating house on the river, in an ecovillage called Hipocampo. The structure is built on top of a ferrocement pontoon, and put together directly on the water. The technique used will be timber frame for the structure, and clay-straw for the walls. More information about this technique can be found at Econest.

The Location

The building site is 25 minutes outside the city of Buenos Aires, in a wetland area, with direct access to a small river where you can canoe or kayak.

5-Week Bootcamp

During the first five weeks of construction, from December 9th, 2013 to January 10th, 2014,  you can participate in the bootcamp as an apprentice, to gain the full experience of building the house from scratch, creating the walls, and placing the roof. The bootcamp is intended for people who want to deepen their knowledge in natural building, although no previous experience is required. There will be days off during the Holidays (Christmas and New Year).

Staying in Buenos Aires

We will provide meals and a shared room for anyone travelling that wants to participate in the bootcamp. All-organic food will be prepared by Natural Chef Laura Arguello (aka Chef Jade), who studied at Bauman College of California. The building site is 15 minutes from the house, and we will drive you from and to the site. 

House amenities include pool, and wifi. A Shiatsu massage therapist comes twice a week and can be scheduled for a 1-hour massage. 

We can pick you up at the airport.


The cost for the bootcamp is $1,000 (US dollars) and it covers all meals and a bed in a shared room.